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Liliana & Andrew

 Se casan !!

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Junto a sus familias, Liliana León & Andrew Gembecki lo invitan cordialmente a asistir a la celebración de su boda, el día 8 de Diciembre de 2018, La ceremonía será en la Iglesía San Francisco de Asís, en punto de las 5:00 pm., posterior a eso, la celebración se efectuará en Hacienda San Pancho, en San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico.

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Nuestros Momentos

Nuestra historia de amor

Andrew and I remember January 10, 2015 like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday morning and I was attending my second class at CrossFit Ossining in New York. It was during this class that a loud, goofy guy with a big smile and amazing hazel eyes stole my attention. We started the workout and as I was suffering a slow painful death on box jumps, Andrew was killing it while cheering me on at the same time, which became the norm during most of our workouts. When we finished, I found myself unable to take my eyes off of him. He finally came over to me and introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Coach Drew.” Once I started going to the gym more often, we became better friends, joking around and doing our own workouts together. We eventually started to hangout outside of the gym and we got to know each other better. We would talk all day and all-night long. We were crushing on each other and I didn’t want to be “that girl” that was dating the coach. But we knew we were meant for each other. Now it’s May 12, 2016, the day that I had to leave for Mexico because my time as an au pair was done. It was tough for the both of us because of the amazing relationship and feelings that we had developed for each other. I told him, “this is not a good-bye. I will be back in 3 months.” I remember him asking me probably about one hundred times if I was serious. While I was in Mexico we talked all day long on Facetime, Skype, or any other way we could keep in contact. Everyday for 3 months, we were there for each other. September 19, 2016 was the day I would be able to see him again. I planned everything with his best friend, Tim Mullen, who now I can say is so much more than just a friend to the both of us. Tim was able to keep a conversation with me without telling Andrew and plan everything so I could show up at his apartment without telling him, and surprise Andrew. And everything worked out perfectly! I still remember the look on Andrew’s face when I walked in as he shouted with excitement, “What are you doing here?”
Nuestro viaje juntos

Enero 15, 2015 Nos conocimos

Octubre 26, 2017 Comprometidos !

Diciembre 02, 2017 Nos casamos en EU !

Diciembre 8th, 2018 Nuestra Boda

Tendremos dos eventos principales durante el fin de semana, mostramos a ustedes las mejores ofertas de alojamiento
Código de vestimenta de la Boda

Código de vestimenta para ellas:
Zapatillas & plataformas son bienvenidas en esta noche. colores ligeros y tela que respire es aconsejable, te recomendamos un vestido ligero para mantenerte fresca y sin arrugas.
 Código de vestimenta para ellos:
Deja tu saco aburrido en casa, y déjate llevar por los colores ligeros.
Código de vestimenta para la PostBoda

Código de vestimenta para ellas:
Boho, hip chic. es la ocasión especial para verte hermosa, verte cómoda y dejar tu imaginación volar! sólo recuerda que es una fiesta en la playa, así que sin zapatillas!
 Código de vestimenta para ellos:
Nada le gana a una fiesta en la playa, así que dejate llevar con tu hawaiiana o guayabera mas radical - pero recuerda que sigue siendo una celebración!
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    Liliana & Andrew

En Route

Puerto Vallarta International (PVR) es el aeropuerto mas cercano. ya que llegues ahí puedes rentar un auto, Uber o tomar un taxi a tu hotel. Otra opcion es programar con el hotel que te recojan en el aeropuerto * porfavor confirma asistencia antes de Noviembre 20 de 2018